STRATEGY For neighbors in church basement and living room meetings, for individual organizations and for regional, state or national coalitions, strategic communications begin with the hardest question: What do you want to have happen?

NAMING THE GAME Our communications are based in our own set of assumptions and perspectives. But to tell our stories in ways that others can hear – and can see themselves in – we have to reframe our communications, basing them on shared assumptions and perspectives. Through close analysis of current advocacy and opposition communications, we can build mobilizing, values based communications, and set the terms of debate.


QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Everyone hears every message in terms of what they already know and believe. Re-framing the issues often requires systematic listening. ActionMedia provides qualitative research for creating and testing frames and messages. We have conducted over 100 focus groups throughout the country, and we share what we’ve learned.

PUTTING IT INTO PLAY For clients with whom we’ve worked on strategy, framing or research, we provide on-going coaching and consultation, including review and edits of draft documents and productions, strategic responses to events and statements, and recruitment of new messengers.