Our Work
ActionMedia provides communications for positive social change.

Our clients’ work is about power: how are resources used, and who gets to decide? Our work is about the power of communications to shift the advantage, to mobilize support and neutralize opposition.

We address a wide range of issues, mostly relating to the built and natural environment: how we use our land, how we live together, and what we do with our resources. Our recent and current work includes issues of clean water, the food system, community development, land conservation and land-use planning, housing, transportation, energy, and civic engagement – our capacity to be a self-governing people. Bridge is Out
ActionMedia Our Work
We ask simple questions: What does that mean? What difference will it make? Who will it make a difference to? How does it look to others?

In creative group meetings, we struggle toward the obvious. When participants can say, “That’s so simple – why didn’t we start there?”, then we can begin.

ActionMedia is about getting something to happen. We work to influence actions, not opinions or attitudes. That means strategically targeting every communication, in all media, to the individual(s) who can take the required action. More on our approach to strategy and to the issues, in our Library.